Each day

One Day at a Time

“Now it came about” is the same construction which appears in 1 Kings 17:7 and 17.

Literally it is, “and it came to pass.”

Again, this is not by chance, but by the timing of God who was carrying out His purposes with Elijah and Israel.

We need to learn to see the hand of God in our lives.

As His thoughts are not ours, so it is that His timing is often not ours as well.

“After many days.”

Notice, not simply after years, or in the third year, but the verse says, “after many days. . . in the third year.”

What can be learned and applied from this?

For God’s people, no matter how fast or slow the years seem to pass, God deals with us one-day-at-a- time.

Each day of the believer’s life is important to God.

It should be for us also.

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