Blooming rather than blowing up

The beauty within blooming rather than blowing up.

“People who make fun of wisdom cause trouble in a city, but wise people calm anger down.” Proverbs 29: 8 ncv

Most often, angry people simply need to be heard.

A filled balloon will pop when poked.

But when released slowly, it will deflate on its own.

Angry people are usually the same way. They explode if provoked.

But when given enough room to talk, if listened to what they have to say and invalidating their feelings, they will release what is bottled up inside.

Once everyone has calmed down, there’s room for further conversation and growth.

Learning to de-escalate conflict is an important skill.

By exercising good judgment concerning when to speak and when to listen, potentially explosive situations can move from explosions to unveiling of the beauty within the person and the blooming.

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