To laugh

How often do we laugh?

I spent time spent with one of the grandsons, this one age 9, who loves comedy shows.

What a joy spending time laughing with a nine year old who loves comedy shows.

One had a comedian who was also a ventriloquist.

This combination appear to be one of fools.

And yet.

A portrayer of laughter and wisdom is the fool.

This understanding lacks depth and insight.

Drawing from the wisdom emerging from Paul Harvey “And now for the rest of the story.”

“But the fool is not an idiot. The courage and the freedom of the fool liberates us. The fool tells the truth while making fun of our arrogance and our conventional wisdom. He shows us up for who we are and that’s what Jerry did. He was a blessing.

“It’s the ones who aren’t satisfied with who we are who drive us to greatness.”

Jim Carrey on Jerry Lewis, Time magazine, 09/04/200.

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