The Beautiful Life

A trap can imprison us to believe that the past was “the best of times” and thus miss the present of the present. Let’s not walk into the future facing backwards.

We can boastfully reminisce about achieving a certain goal, having a special relationship, or experiencing some smashing victory—and lament that our golden era evaporated or exploded and is gone forever.

Some become crotchety grumpswho complain about a young generation.

And yet while substitute teaching, I basked in the sunshine of a new generation in an AP English class who combined writing and giggling and insight in a terrific time of mirth.

I, along with the students, experienced that learning encompasses and encapsulates a beautiful life.

This reminds me of a poem by Richelle E. Goodrich, in Making Wishes.

“Teach me to sing and recite,

To whistle and jingle and strum.

Teach me to color and paint,

To sculpt and weave and create.

Teach me to sway and dance,

To tap and leap and twirl.

Teach me to laugh and giggle,

To tickle and play and pretend.

Teach me that life is beautiful.”

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