Studies show we forget 50 per cent of what we hear immediately, 80 per cent within a day, and 97 per cent within a week.
So what’s the solution?
When we listen, make understanding our goal, not just remembering facts.
Great learners are great listeners; that’s why they always have a flow of fresh ideas.
The truth is, we’ll never know how close we are to a breakthrough or a blessing until we learn to listen.
Be honest.
How often have we said we’re going to spend more time listening to the people in our life who matter?
Let’s start doing it, because if we don’t show up for life’s ‘special moments’, before we know it there will be none left to show up for.
The people who really listen to us become the most important people in our lives.
If we want to be one of them, we must do three things which will be given in future blogs.

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