Encouraged And Amazed

Encouraged and Amazed
We are encouraged when we see or hear a situation when a person has done something amazing.
The word “encouraged” emanates from an old French word encoragier which means “make strong, hearten”
I was disheartened when I heard a news report about a case of racism in a local Buffalo Wild Wings in my Naperville.
I was heartened Monday when the situation came up in our of the classes.
An African American student who was working at that location, witnessed the incident and resigned on the spot for conscience reasons.
He chose to follow his conscience rather than his checkbook.
Now for “amazed.”
Amazement comes from the 1590’s and is defined as “state of being shocked with wonder.”
Wonder, as in delight and joy, erupts when young people chose to follow their conscience rather than their checkbook.
Good news, such as this, needs to infect our world!

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