Which way?

Which way should I turn?”
“Are we on the right road?”
“Whoops, I missed that turn!”
These phrases, and similar ones were voiced, or groaned, or blurted out in past years.
In current times we have directions ether through Google maps, or Waze, or the screens and voice assists in our vehicles.
Being directed and even redirected in driving is necessary.
Even more so, such direction and especially correction is needed in the rest of our lives.
My two personal sources for direction and correction emanate from two (2) sources — the Bible and other people.
For decades I have been in men’s Bible Study groups and book discussion groups.
And the end of each Friday 6am morning session at Panera we hold each other accountable.
The same is most true in my life with Carol.
Centuries ago this wisdom resonated in Psalms 141:5 “If a good person punished me, that would be kind. If he corrected me, that would be like perfumed oil on my head.”
You may not even realize that you have broccoli in your teeth after lunch unless a friend points it out to you.
At times, there will be things about us that we won’t realize are amiss, counterproductive, and even destructive.
As the screen in my vehicle “recalculated the route” if I have taken a wrong turn, let’s value and go the way the wise persons in our life direct us.

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