Thanksgiving Day evokes many memories — mainly family and food and to the ones and ultimately the ONE who gives us all so lavishly and graciously.

We have our favorite foods and so much of it that we most likely fall asleep — at least I do.

I decided to be a little fanciful.


© Brooke Applegate Published: November 2016

Apple pie is the

Best part of Thanksgiving.

Cooking food all

Day is fun with my family.

Even though there is a lot of


Giving is the most important part.


In the kitchen is also fun.

Joining together by the TV for the

Kickoff of the Thanksgiving football game.

Loving the game, family, and appetizers before the big


Neighbors start arriving and new smells arrive with new people.

Oh, I haven’t seen these

People in forever.

Quietly praying before we eat, as our heads

Rise and we

Start to eat


Unwinding from being stuffed, we clean up and start


When we were done, we all watch Charlie Brown.

X-actly a perfect ending of the day. Next

Year will be great I drowsily think,

Zzzzzzz as I peacefully fall asleep

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