There is a strong belief in our culture that influences every one of us, whether we want it to or not: If it feels good, do it.

But when we allow ourselves to be manipulated by our moods or feelings, we are living our life according to our feelings.

We don’t always feel like doing the right thing.

Anybody who’s successful at anything ends up doing things they don’t feel like doing.

An Olympic athlete exercises when she doesn’t feel like it.

A great musician practices his craft, even when he’s tired.

These people are faithful — they keep on doing the right time at the right time, because they are faithful!

I am substitute teaching today at the local high school where I regularly come.

Some of the faithful persons I know I see here in a local high school when I regularly substitute teach.

JP regularly and faithfully cares for both of his parents in their home.

Just a few moments ago, while waiting for class to begin, a student talks about how she and her whole family care for a young member of the family is sick.

These two persons exemplify being “faithful!”

I love lighthouses. We visit them on vacations, a number of them populate my home office, and regularly become gifts.

A lighthouse symbolizes fidelity, another word of faithfulness.

Here is a poem.

Stalwart structure

beacon of light

ever faithful

to shine each night

Time tested torch

your glowing ray

for wayward drifter

saves the day.

11/23/19 submitted for McWhirtle Me Poetry Contest sponsored by Charles Messina

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