Keep on again

Over the past few days I have been writing on taking one more step and related themes.

Now let look at…

Overnight success?

Get it right the first time?

One more time!

An iceberg can serve as an image for success in life — the seen part rides above the water whereas the greater mass remains unseen, below the water line.

Michelangelo spent approximately two years of countless effort making the Pieta.

We all took about nine months to become viable enough to be born.

Architects go to school for six years to practice — doctors even longer.

Time coupled with perseverance and many more elements constitute the equation for success.

James Dyson was no overnight success.

He’s worth about $5 billion now because of his vacuum cleaners. He went through 5,127 failed prototypes before his first model was successful!

And then there’s Theodor Geisel.

He wanted to be a writer, but his work was rejected 27 times by publishers.

Some called his work “pure rubbish.”

But he persevered and today you know him under his pen name “Dr. Seuss.”

The myth of overnight success has ruined a lot of people who expected fame and fortune without work and exertion.

And now today on my 78 birthday, I am taking one more step.

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