Different, forgiven, and redeemed.

We are all, thankfully, different.
Learning to live without judgement needs to both given and received!
Also, forgiveness sometimes emerges as a needed virtue and action in our contemporary world.
Even more valued is redemption.
We all need to be forgiven and be redeemed!
Simon Birch is an excellent film that depicts the power of friendship and forgiveness, embracing diversity, and discovering true parental love.
While substitute teaching in a Contemporary Literature class, this movie was watched and processed.
Simon and Joe are best friends who deal with and overcome life’s cruelest moments. Joe’s mother and her boyfriend are completely accepting of Simon’s dwarfism and, subsequently, Simon spends a lot of time at their home, especially since his own parents don’t care about him.
When Simon accidentally kills Joe’s mother, Joe learns to forgive his friend.
Joe goes on a quest to find his biological father and learns what it takes to earn the title of Dad.
Adoptive families in particular will be heartened by his surprise conclusion.
The main character is small, and is often bullied and treated differently. He also suffers from child neglect from his parents.
Overall, it is a good movie, but maybe too intense for viewers under 12.

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