Joy and Enjoy

Joy and Enjoy

This time of the year, in preparation for Christmas, we can choose to see joy in our world.

It can be the joy of family.

It can be the joy of food.

The picture on this piece manifest both — at a birthday dinner for me. My grand daughter Lily and I enjoy both reading and my favorite dessert — strawberry rhubarb pie!

Now for a little Hebrew.

In Hebrew Simcha is a word laden with exhilaration and festive activities. Simcha is most recognized word for happiness.

It’s considered a gift to mankind (Ecc. 2:26), and the Torah advocates, “ you should have nothing but joy (Deut. 16:15).”

The noun simcha is mentioned in the Bible 94 times and is derived from verb samach, which appears 154 times in the text and is rooted in the Akkadian word shamahu meaning sprout or flourish.

Simcha expresses not only the joy of an event, but it is also the noun which means a happy event.

A holiday is a simcha, a family gathering is a simcha, a wedding is a simcha, the birth of a child is a simcha and a Bar or Bat Mitvah is a simcha, and readying with a grandchild and our favorite dessert is simcha.

So, SIMCHA — see joy and enjoy.

One last connection, Karl Barth, a German theologian, expressed a simple and powerful connection between joy and gratitude “Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.”

Enjoy the gifts we receive at this time of the year and share that joy!

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