Angels We Have Heard


A verse from a Christmas carol “Angels we have heard on high..” floats through the airways of radio, TV, Internet and stores.

Just yesterday a trio (my daughter, grand daughter and I} went to visit a light show in Elburn, Illinois.

A blazing and awe inspiring display of lights and music lite up the evening sky — and one of the songs was “Angels we have heard on high.”

Have we seen any such awe inspiring display of angels around us lately?

Let’s focus not just on the kind we saw last night now the the kind that are hanging on our Christmas tree or mantel.

Sure, we all have and I did yesterday.

Carol was my angel yesterday when she listened to me and, by her gentle words and actions, reminded that God speaks and serves in the midst of many things which can derail and/or distract from His Presence, Power, and Provision.

Who has touched all of us and everyone one of us with a kind word, a holy hug, and a word of comfort?

Right again. It’s an angel of the Lord!

How about being an angel — who have we supported with a caring gesture and helpful hand recently?

Who have we gone out of your way to help and listen to when a friend has been hit by illness?

And to whom will be an angel to today — strap on those wings and start flying!

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