Smarter Than A Monkey

The ten year old grandson will be spending a few days with us — a time of delight, joy, and…
He quickly resolves any electronic challenge with a smirk that says “really?,” much to my delight and humility — yes, the question can be posed “Am I smarter than a ten year old.”

I enjoy sharing some wisdom with him, while we laugh at a marathon of comedy shows, which we both enjoy.

This reminds me of how we all learn wisdom, sometimes easily; and other times with a hard earned lesson.

“Always Do Right You will be safe, if you always do right, but you will get caught, if you are dishonest. Proverbs 10:9 cev

According to some sources, Asian villagers capture a monkey by placing fruit in a vase or other container.
The monkey sticks his hand in the container to grab a banana, but when he tries to pull it out, he gets stuck.
There isn’t enough room for the monkey to get both his hand and the fruit past the opening.
If the monkey were to let go, he could easily extract his hand, but refusing to let go, the animal is trapped by his own greed.
That’s a lesson for us.
When we refuse to let go of the very thing that traps us and prevents us from going forward, we’re not acting any smarter than the monkey.
(in part form Moments of Peace in the Wisdom of God . Baker Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.”

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