“I will…”

“I want to…”

“I need to…”


We all have made then in the past and will make them for the coming year.

These phrases emerges as resolutions for the coming year.

So, what will I do in this coming year: emotional, spiritual, physical, and … goals?

We all need to be different – Growth and change for the better are necessary for us and for the people in our life.

Doctor Jim Denison writes that according to Statistic Brain Research Institute here are interesting facts regarding New Year’s Resolutions:

•    45 percent of Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions

•    Only 8 percent are successful in achieving them

•    However, 49 percent have at least infrequent success

•    Only 24 percent never succeed in fulfilling their resolution each year.”

Here’s a fact I found particularly interesting:

People who explicitly make resolutions are ten times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions.”

In my experience the resolutions that actually evolve, grow and mature are the ones that elicit the counsel of others, enlist the accountability of others, and focus on a long range plan, with daily measurable achievable actions.

With the requisite humility and courage, let’s invite the experience of those closest to us, what change we need to make — spouse and children — start at home.

The sage in Proverbs 15:22 penned “Plans fail for lack of counsel,

but with many advisers they succeed.”

What resolutions do I need to make for the coming year?

More to come!

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