Change For The Better

Change needs to happen when the pain is too much, when the accumulated results of past actions have impacted our lives that the present is unhealthy to the extent that the current state will lead to…

What is one toxic thing we need to stop doing so that we will discover the one beneficial thing we need to do to start living?

With humility and courage, we need to solicit the wisdom and feedback of those closest to us — spouse, children, best friend, doctor or clergy.

These true persons who truly know us, love us and also want the best for us, can offer what we need to hear and do and not what we want to hear and do.

This counsel from others undergirds the journey to needed foundation to needed growth and change towards the new life in 2020 which will develop into the new person we need to be!

So, the first step is to ask others!

As a student of history, catastrophes happened when people did not listen to others or failed to understand the past.

Remember the old definition of insanity — expecting things to change while doing the same thing?

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