Both And And

Both and And

A slightly tortured phrase expresses a life giving and life receiving experience of life.

I am both a septuagenerian in chronological time who spends time with others, at home and outside the home, of that same decade, and a person younger in heart in emotional years who spends time with grand kids and high school students.

This mural of time and spirit enlivens the life of a wide range of people.

While physical age states where we fit in a time dimension, emotional and spiritual states paint a mural of blazing colors!

Spending time with Carol and Panera Pals and spending time with grandkids and high school students fills the soul of many, leading to learning, mirth, and many a good laugh.

An article CLIFTON B. PARKER says

“When older adults volunteer to work with children, both sides benefit, according to new Stanford research.

When older adults contribute to the well-being of youth, it cultivates a sense of purpose and extends benefits both ways, according to a new Stanford report.”

Such relationships are important for society.

They can help ensure that children and teens receive the kind of attention and mentoring they often lack, especially among the most vulnerable populations, the Stanford scholars said.

These relationships also offer older adults opportunities to learn about new technology and trends, and experience the excitement of seeing the world through a younger perspective.”

Bringing old and young together benefits both

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