Imagine and Clouds

Take time to imagine.

Time taken to imagine, to read, to reflect, to dream, to peer into clouds is not wasted.

Clouds float in the sky, beckon to the beyond, envelope early morning sunrises, and so much more.

Become an imagineer, one who devises and implements a new or highly imaginative concept or technology.

While Disney Studios may be the current generation of such persons; Da Vinci, centuries ago, was a seminal imagineer!

Clouds can be a door to the divine.

As kids we laid on our backs, with eyes peering up, imagining the beyond through the clouds.

Time taken to imagine the faces and figures in the clouds birth many a dream and future.

Clouds also offer insights into global warming.

In the song “I Made It Through The Rain,” Barry Manilow sang:

“Just aim beyond the clouds

And rise above the crowds.”

In the Judaeo Christian literature we are encouraged to view clouds in such a way as to think of the glory and presence of God.The rich and evocative imagery of clouds signals the immediate presence of God in time and space.

So, imagine, dream, make.

At the same let’s remember the wisdom from a surprising and unexpected source, Bruce Lee:

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply.

Willing is not enough, we must do’”

As seen on a classroom door.

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