The Day After

Flowers, roses, cards, candy, special meals, and traditions.

These items, and many more, characterize Valentine’s Day!

Though this piece is one day late, hopefully those items did arrive yesterday.

While the affection and emotion of “love,” emerges on that day, the act and choice to “love” lives every day!

The day after that one day, and every day after that one day.

Hence, this piece, one day after.

Many sages and sources, diverse poets and profiteers, have added to the meaning of “love,” this word remains and enters all areas of life when it is a CHOICE — NO MATTER WHAT!

The one list, for me — a checklist — puts flesh and blood — on the choice and decision to love — every day and in every way.

Paul wrote to the community in Corinth:

Love is

• not proud

• does not dishonor others,

• not self-seeking,

• not easily angered,

• keeps no record of wrongs,

• does not delight in evil

• but rejoices with the truth

• It always

o protects,

o always trusts,

o always hopes,

o always perseveres.

Now if we want to find out how faithful we are to that checklist, let’s not “correct our own test,” but ask those closest to us how we have and are doing.

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