Crawlin’ in the mud

The longer we get to know ourselves and each other, we see more of the whole picture.

“Beauty spots and warts” constitute the whole picture.

While the view shows the facts, our choice lies in how we interpret the facts.

Criticism or Grace constitute the choice paradigm.

Love forms the decision and choice to be gracious.

A Japanese proverb simply proclaims: “ If there is love, smallpox scars are as pretty as dimples.”

A series of verses in Big Muddy, Bruce Springsteen says wisely and simply:

“Without their shirttail dirty

Or their hands a little bloody

Waist deep in a big muddy… “

He later sings “You start on higher ground but end up crawlin’”.

We start on higher ground and with age and aging, we “end up crawlin’.

We all live waist deep in a muddy world, with dirty shirttails and bloody hands.

We wade into the muddy world, when we wade into life, along with others.

We bloody our hands when we build a world together — CRAWLIN’

Then, on our knees, with humility, we move forward!

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