The Journey of Grief

The journey of grief moves through stages where we can, as we chose to, end up in peace.

There is a quietness that comes on us when we are finally at peace.

Our troubles might still be here, but our complaints are gone and our fears have evaporated.

Many have suffered, but in their suffering they found something that pain, grief, or loss could not take away from them.

They found something that overshadowed their problems, overcame their bullies, and drove away their fears.

Discernment is our ability to judge what is good, true, and beautiful.

Discernment is also the inner knowledge of how to act on that which we perceive.

Our use of discernment relies on the clarity of our centered minds, the objectivity of peace-filled hearts, and the unobstructed impulses or instincts of our bodies. . . .

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