Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Easter is the greatest feast we celebrate in the calendar year.

My whole faith depends on this one single event.

I, and many others, believe Christ died for our salvation, but if He had never risen, who would have followed Him?

I believe He did rise from the dead, proving He is God and Lord of all, and now there are over 2.2 billion souls in the world who identify as Christian.

I hope you are as proud as I am to be a follower of Christ! 

During these stay-at-home days, let’s please be sure to celebrate Easter together with our families and loved ones, even if joining together virtually online, via video, or over the phone.

And let’s make the time to reach out to anyone you may know who lives alone, so they too can experience the joy of the Risen Lord.

2,000 years ago Jesus walked the earth, so He knew what it was like to be us.

He experienced and thus suffered the pain of isolation, worry, fear, and even more.

He also knew what it would cost Him to save us… and yet He chose to do it anyway.

Today, I celebrate His power over death.

Because He lives, so can we!

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