A Beautiful Day

Back in November 2019 while, according to some data, the Corona Virus was developing; another part of our life was already literally showing “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.”

According to some reviewers Tom Hanks portrayed Mr. Rogers.

Persons of diverse decades and even generations made sure that the original show punctuated and enflamed their lives.

Mr. Rogers incarnated the “good man.”

In this current setting, while we are not commuting but staying home in our neighborhood, inspiring stories proliferate and punctuate the reality of “being a good neighbor!”

One man, Andrew, makes it a point to provide groceries for others.

Chalk art on sidewalks and in driveways colorfully proclaim “have a good day,” “stay safe,” and other needed and beneficial messages.

The neighborhood for me was a safe environment of 18 families and homes on St. Tripp in Chicago where neighbors cared for others, closed down the street for a “block party.”

Any parent on the block cared for each kid on the block, and even corrected every kid on the block!

Now, we are getting back to the neighborhood being such a place rather than a spot where we park our cars to commute.

Watch the movie.

Be a good neighbor.

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