A Lady For Our Time


I feel you.

I fear you.

When if I feel you

Will I ever wake up?

Will I be free from

fearing of forgetting

those that I miss.

Embrace you, I fear

While you are so near?

Like a thundering, cloudy storm cloud

You cover me

like a shroud and a shawl.

And yet

I must not forget

that in such strife

there will come life.

Senora Dolorosa

Via Dolosora

Tu Es Amorosa


you are a beautiful woman

whose embrace warms my frightened heart.

You are a gentle woman

whose eyes beckon me

Beyond my pain now

Beyond my sorrow now

To the life you carry within you.

You live now in many nations

You hear now many languages

You soothe now many a breaking heart.

Thousands have died

You live now in the hearts of untold numbers.

Long ago, a great poet wrote Mama Forgets Her Birds

Mama never forgets her birds,

Though in another tree –

She looks down just as often

And just as tenderly

As when her little mortal nest

With cunning care she wove –

If either of her sparrows fall,

She notices, above.

– Emily Dickinson

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