Another Day — One More Day

These words can either presage more pain or prophesy helpful hope!

In my experience a switch was triggered which turned on the light and dispelled the darkness.

A tipping point overcame the gravity and gravitas of the past and rolled the ball forward.

However each person envisions or names the “More” in life, the “More” beckons, entices, and draws us out of the past and into the joy of “one more day!”

Augustine experienced and hence wrote about the “restless heart.”

He also wrote about being “quickened by hidden grace within.”

In this current time when I am staying, I am experiencing and enjoying the “hidden grace within.”

This “within” can be “in our hearts” and/or “in our homes,” coming from those with whom we are “in place.”

Whether in our hearts or in our homes, we have the opportunity to be “quickened.”

Like Snoopy in the graphic, we can jump with joy.

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