How are we doing today?

I am getting “cabin fever” and wanting to do something else.

The following from James Lee Burke in Creole Belle provide both context and wisdom.

“My experience has been that when people are frightened and do not understand the historical changes taking place around them, they seek magic and power to solve their problems.”

“Every sunrise of your life will become a candle that you carry with you until sunset.”

I am taking “one at a time,” moment, minutes, and days.

The mornings punctuate this — I look east out of the garage and seeing the sunrise. While taking a walk, this morning sun and fresh air breathes air into my soul and light into the same soul.

As the day moves on, savoring each mouthful bring more delight to the soul.

Spending more time with Carol at home increases this joy.

I am not certain of the author of the following; however it certainly applies.

Like morning dew upon the grass
Is your sweet voice on my ear!

Like still waters, smooth as glass
Is my heart when you’re near.

Springtime flowers bud and bloom,
And your eyes follow their lead;

Birdsongs in the air do loom,
Singing your name to me.

Love unending fills my heart,
Fresh and pure as spring;

Joy abounding is what thou art,
And what thou dost bring!

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