Friday previously would typically mark the end of week in schools and workplaces.

In schools where I would substitute teach, Friday offered many opportunities because staff longed for and arranged for three way weekends.

In workplaces staff would countdown the time until…

However in our current situation Friday has the sense of being “just another day.”

YET, in some traditions Friday was a fast day.

In other traditions, Forgiveness Friday offered an opportunity to either give forgiveness or ask for forgiveness.

All of us have either hurt others and/or been hurt.

When something is said often, it is important. How about when it is said 161 times —the number of times forgive and forgiveness is in Judaeo Christian literature — the Bible, and other religious traditions?

Please do not wait for in our current situation let’s ask for forgiveness and/or forgive before it is too late, until the other person dies.

As a sage wrote centuries ago “Love prospers when a fault is forgiven, but dwelling on it separates…” Proverbs 17:9 NLT

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