Following Directions

Saturday morning involved assembling a lamp that had arrived in a box in pieces!

This scenario tickles the memory of many an adult who put together a Christmas gift the night before. A bike actually worked and did not turn out to be a unicycle.

Back to the lamp assembly, a three hour estimate of mine proved to be untrue, lasting less than one hour BECAUSE I followed the directions.

An inexorable journey leads to a successful conclusion when the directions of a GPS voice telling us to “turn right in 100 feet and we do so.

In our current situation we would be wise to follow the directions of our doctors when they say “let’s have a tele visit now” and see each other in June.

The same wisdom rings and reigns true in spiritual matters.

As was written in Deuteronomy 5:33 “Follow all the directions the LORD your God has given you. Life will go well for you.”

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