Even Better — Now?

“No” we can’t go to birthday parties.

“No” we cannot hug those we love who live outside our homes, especially our grandkids and kids.

We did not like hearing “NO!” when we were younger and dislike it even more when situations force it on us.

Diminishing or even disappearing finances force to us decide “what do we really need?” rather than going shopping and buying buying buying until…

We dislike these times when things get stressful, deadlines are coming too fast, and expectations seem unreachable and “NO!” feels like a slap in the face or a punch in the gut.


Heat in our life burns off the stuff that’s tying us down.

A prophet Isaiah in 48:10 wrote centuries ago “refined in the furnace of suffering” (NLT).

It’s unlikely we will literally go through a fiery furnace in our life, but we will go through the furnace of suffering many, many times, as we are now.

It’s like silver and gold. When it’s heated up, all the impurities are burned off. Then, you’re left with 100 percent gold or silver.

If you ask a silversmith how to know when silver is pure, he’ll tell you it happens when you can see your reflection while looking into the cauldron.

This suffering may birth in our lives a need which is new and important to us.

“Spring burns” in a prairie near me burns away the dead growth so that the new growth may thrive!

Suffering now can cause us to THRIVE!

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