Both And

Pain Now

When you become aware of pain in your body, instead of fighting it, ignoring it, shaming it, or numbing it, you might ask yourself, “What if I could learn to welcome what is about my body, right here and now?”

Instead of seeing pain as a nuisance, we can pay attention to it, understanding it as a gentle invitation to restoration.

Wiens, Steve. Shining like the Sun (p. 129). Fortress Press. Kindle Edition.

This morning I hurt, physically.

I hurt physically from last night’s fall from bed.

My back again hurts.

And while having an ice pack on my back relieves some of the pain there, my soul moans and says, “Not again!”

Just when a light emerges from the darkness like the morning sun creeps above the horizon because I fell out of bed and hit the dresser, the morning sun struggles to fight through the morning mist.

The hope of a pain free day must embrace the embrace the fog of pain in my back to live!

The most secure place — the bed — became the place for hurt!

So, how does this pain become an invitation to restoration?

 Will the pain in my back be my “thorn in the flesh” to keep me faithful and focused?

While the exercises and a steroid shot offer momentary relief, I now accept the fact that this lower back pain reminds and forces me to be faithful and focused!

Life will be sweet and bitter, a combination of joy and pain — bittersweet.

Move slowly, carefully, intentionally!

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