Previously before March and the march of the pandemic, our world was filled with hustle and bustle. 

We rewarded busyness as if always working, striving, and achieving were the true marks of a life well-lived. 

We elevated those who have given everything to gain success by always working and being and staying busy.

Now our world differs from the past — we have nowhere to drive.

Before to rest instead of work was to be lazy or selfish.

Now we have more time because we have no more long commutes.

Now while we may flood our time with ZOOM, we do not zoom through life as we did previously.

Solitude now invites us or forces us to be alone with others if we live in the same house with the.

Solitude is vital in our pursuit of deeper relationship with anyone.

 What would a marriage be if the couple only ever saw each other in large groups? 

What would a friendship be if you never spent time as just the two of you?

I miss regular time alone with my daughter and granddaughter, though we now make time to spend time with each other!

So, the conclusion and the connection:

  • If you live with others, spend time alone with each one, even if working from home, learning from home, offers both a challenge and opportunity.
  • Spend time alone creating — I am now writing in the quiet early in the morning.
  • Let’s learn to be alone and be alone with others! 
  • Enjoy the present of the present.

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