Better Off or Worse When We Hold On?

Smarter Than A Monkey?

According to some sources, Asian villagers capture a monkey by placing fruit in a vase or other container.

The monkey sticks his hand in the container to grab a banana, but when he tries to pull it out, he gets stuck.

There isn’t enough room for the monkey to get both his hand and the fruit past the opening.

If the monkey were to let go, he could easily extract his hand, but refusing to let go keeps him stuck and captured.

What are we holding onto that keeps us stuck?

“Give careful thought to your ways.” Haggai 1:5 niv

Maybe some hold on to the old and previous while missing the abundance of the future lies in the way we view and treat others.

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor wrote:

“As society sees what women can do, as women see what women can do, there will be more women out there doing things, and we’ll all be better off for it.”

Ginsburg, Ruth Bader. My Own Words . Simon & Schuster. Kindle Edition.

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