Now I Want To Just

A new hymn in the time of coronavirus

God Whose Will is Health and Wholeness

God whose will is health and wholeness, hear your people as we pray:

Many now are facing illness; more face sickness every day.

As we lift our song toward heaven, may we use the gifts you give —

Science, justice, and compassion — to help others safely live.

Jesus taught that your commandments call for us to use the mind.

May we use the gifts of science to seek health for humankind.

Bless the ones who work for healing; bless the ones who seek to be

Builders of a health care system that protects society.

God, you call for love and justice, yet our laws are far from wise:

Many don’t have good insurance; lack of health care threatens lives.

Many workers must keep working, sick or not, to pay the bills.

Turn us round when we have sanctioned greed that leads to greater ills.

Loving God, we ask your blessing on the sick and those they love,

And we pray for those now grieving as they lift their cries above.

There is trouble all around us; illness causes pain and fear.

Give compassion, love and kindness as we serve your people here.

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