New Time

O Father, Savior and Spirit

In our time here

We have a time for everything,

We have had many seasons in 2020

Hundreds of thousands have died around our planet

May this New Year be a time to be born

May hope come alive and be born

May we time plant seeds of life, hope, and justice

May we stop killing

and may we heal

We have wept so much

Now let us laugh and dance,

Let us embrace again

May we put a period to 2020

May we see Your commas in this New Year!

May You bless us and keep us!

May Your face shine upon us!

May You be gracious to us!

May You look kindly on us

May You give us Your peace!

Paraphrase Eccl 3.1-9 and Numbers 6:22-27 Phillip Kapela

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