Spaghetti On My Shirt

Eating spaghetti which fell on my shirt was a “grace”moment.

I have learned that God speaks in many places and through many persons.

When my grand daughter was three, we were eating and some spaghetti went from my mouth to my golf shirt.

My grand daughter walked quietly out of the dining room and quietly gave me her bib.

The wisdom of the young!

God reminded me to focus and not talk and laugh while I am eating!

Thus I learned from this “whoops.”

And, to be honest, whenI have been humbled, I learned more from these “whoops.”

Again, God speaks and offers wisdom from many persons and places.

“Wows” manifest what we currently can do while “whoops” show us what we cannot or should not do.

Whoops strip away the fabric of perfection and can lead to growth.

After a whoops, mercy can build upon whoops and provides us  what we need while justice imposes on them what they deserves.

Mercy restores while justice imprisons.

Forgive ourselves, for God does. A wise person from the past wrote “The merciful person does oneself good …”Proverbs 11: 17 nasb

Another person who was called by God to lead was confronted by a friend who reminded him that he was an adulterer and murder. David wrote with some hard learned wisdom “It is good to be merciful and generous.” Psalm 112: 5 ncv

Wisdom manifests mercy.

Wise people don’t emphasize other people’s mistakes.

The same wise person wrote “Love forgets mistakes; nagging about them parts the best of friends” Proverbs 17:9, (TLB).

When we are wise, we don’t rub it in or punish.

We need to have and give mercy: we give people what they need, not what they deserve.

Justice points down and backwards and buries a person while mercy frees a persons and points up and forward.

Mercy is a life giving choice while judgment is a death dealing choice.

So, I learned that while eating spaghetti, only eat spaghetti and not laugh and talk.

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