Tell Me A Story

Stories engage, attract, teach, and connect.

What is your favorite story and/or storyteller?

I would love to hear them — send them to , subject line: favorite story.

My last two blogs shared memories, embarrassing moments with the intention to teach.

This comes naturally to me because my dad was a story teller.

As a retired clergy and teacher stories filled my professional toolbox.

Aesop’s fables handed on in Greek culture moral points — these were effective in working with special needs students — especially when a YouTube video was used.

Here is a favorite —-

Another favorite story teller for me was Jesus who used parables.

The parables themselves present clear stories from everyday events that many in the crowd would recognize.

In all, Jesus told 22 parables that were recorded in the book of Matthew, 10 parables in the book of Mark, and 10 in the book of Luke.

Now to wrap this up: Does anyone remember the song below?

Tell me a story tell me a story
Tell me a story remember what you said
You promised me you said you would
You gotta give in so i’ll be good
Tell me a story then i’ll go to bed

Now, tell me story — send it to

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