Forward To Hope

This day happens once a year.

While anniversary, birthday, or something similar may come to mind, today is not another Wednesday, it is Ash Wednesday.

Ashes on foreheads!

“Remember you are dust and unto dust you shall return” accompanies the action of ashes being put on the forehead.

While this sounds ominous and chilling, this reminder of our mortality, the fragility of life starts Lent.

When viewed through another lens, our sight offers us an insight and path to hope.

One religious leader expressed this path to hope in the following way: “We’ve had a lot of deprivation. We’ve had a lot of folks losing jobs, everyone’s time getting stretched, people having gotten more responsibilities within their families, relationships going through a lot of big transitions. What I’m trying to focus on is the idea of Lent as a season of preparation to celebrate and Lent as a time to really prepare for that hope that is coming.”

(Rev. Tiffania Icaza Willets, Seminole Heights United Methodist Church)

A hope that is coming, something to look forward to.

What can we look forward to: vaccination shot, spending physical face to face time with those we love, Easter or…?


What do I, you, and all of us in this time of preparation for the hope that IS coming?

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