Revere and Hold Dear

O land

Once so bright

Now so dark

I am troubled when I see 

What we have done.

Our darkness

Our capitol has been invaded.

Sacred spaces have been defiled

Where are You God?

We are blowing out

The light

Our country

Is now darkened

We are battering

We are  beating

We revile

Rather than revere

Our sickened faith

Needs Your vaccine

Come from Your heavens 

Renew Your world

Rebuild Your world

Restore Our World

Teach us to revere

We have made a mess

Only You can bless

Only You can build

We must learn to


Hold dear

Those different than us

We seem blind

To the see our sin

We seem deaf

To hear the hurt

We must learn to


Our ears are blind

To other ways of being and loving

I believe

Only You

Only Your Power

Only Your Presence

Will rebuild

Will restore

Will rebuild 

Will teach us to

Revere others

We believe You are

Here with us

When we revere

Another person

Another gender identity

Another way of loving


Show Your Presence

Show your Power


We will


You in others

And now we say

And now we pray

Show Face

Shine on our darkness

Turn our morning into



“When we revere Your Name

Then Your sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays.

We will go out and frolic…”

In the spirit of Malachi 4.2 NIV

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