Unforgettable Bacon

One adjective remains in my mind and on my heart as a powerful force, expressing and eliciting so many memories and feelings — unforgettable!

One the one hand…

Positive Unforgettables flood the mind and cheer the soul.

Photographs “old school,”not in digital from the past elicited awe and wonder. Just yesterday a 20-year old’s “wow” expressed a desire to meet grandparents whom she never met.

The aroma of frying bacon entices the nose and then the body to get out of bed and run to the kitchen to get the bacon before anyone else sadly to only be beaten by the dog who was faster!

These memories fill and enrichen the soul and in anticipation and hope for even more.

On the other hand…

2020 created pain and wisdom.

The pain birthed lessons to be learned and lived.

One and half million deaths in our country create stressful memories for multitudes untold and never fully counted.Those memories can stick in our minds, piercing our hearts.

We will and should always remember those who have died.

Millennia ago, a prophet wrote in a time similar to ours “… do not dwell on the past.See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up…” (Isaiah 43, 18-19 NIV)

Do not dwell — live in the present!

I believe in a God who created life and continues to create new life as a gift to be accepted, embraced, and shared.

UNFORGETTABLE — that’s what You are.


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