“Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, no am today” White Queen to Alice in “Alice In Wonderland.” YET “ I have done many wonderful things, and I have planned marvelous things for all of you.” PSALM 40:5 CEV You have received much from Me and you will continue to receive many wonderful things from me. I love […]

Gentle response

Lately, angry raised voices and violent actions have erupted. Long time experiences of injustice have hurt the soul of many. Reaction and response appear. A reaction erupts — when someone screams, some scream back. Then some raise their voice higher while others raise their voice higher. And the situation keeps escalating. And unchecked, many are […]

Just One — Stimulate

“Love” or “hate.” “Careful” or “careless.” “Wisely chosen” or “poorly chosen” Reading the headlines of articles these days, it seems to me that we are a race of “either or” persons. Difference leads to disagreement to disparagement to division to disruption to a death.. All suffer and none benefit. YET In physics one little pebble […]