Whoopsies and Wows

“Whoopsies” and “wows.” I learned more from my “whoopsies” than my “wows.” “Wows” manifest what we currently can do while “whoopsies” strip away the fabric of perfection and can lead to growth. Mercy builds upon whoopsies and provides a person what they need while justice imposes on them what they deserves. Mercy restores while justice […]

Straight to the heart And Joses…was also named Barnabas by the apostles (which is translated Son of Encouragement). Acts 4:36 Writing notes typified an earlier generation. While getting a text message or something in another electronic format are good to the receiver and expedient to the writer, the handwritten note far exceeds any form of […]

To laugh

How often do we laugh? I spent time spent with one of the grandsons, this one age 9, who loves comedy shows. What a joy spending time laughing with a nine year old who loves comedy shows. One had a comedian who was also a ventriloquist. This combination appear to be one of fools. And […]


Every day with everyone in every way. “Every” is a word and life style seldomly employed. Yet… I’m a person of patterns and habits. This focus prepares me to respond rather than react to the surprises in every day. Everyday I read faces and books, reflect, review, pray, and write. I ask “what delights and […]

Very alike

In certain ways we are all alike — to be cared for or cared about, to be respected, to be listened, to be understood,to belong, to be protected from harm. We want and need freedom and opportunity. The first rule of relationships is this: Find out what you want and give it to others. To […]

Which one?

Guardian or gossiper? We all have parts of our life which we need to keep to ourself. We call these our secrets that we don’t want shared with just anybody. Every person needs someone can be trusted and with whom we feel safe. These persons exude confidence, someone in whom we believe. Please chose these […]