“Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, no am today” White Queen to Alice in “Alice In Wonderland.” YET “ I have done many wonderful things, and I have planned marvelous things for all of you.” PSALM 40:5 CEV You have received much from Me and you will continue to receive many wonderful things from me. I love […]

Gentle response

Lately, angry raised voices and violent actions have erupted. Long time experiences of injustice have hurt the soul of many. Reaction and response appear. A reaction erupts — when someone screams, some scream back. Then some raise their voice higher while others raise their voice higher. And the situation keeps escalating. And unchecked, many are […]

Just One — Stimulate

“Love” or “hate.” “Careful” or “careless.” “Wisely chosen” or “poorly chosen” Reading the headlines of articles these days, it seems to me that we are a race of “either or” persons. Difference leads to disagreement to disparagement to division to disruption to a death.. All suffer and none benefit. YET In physics one little pebble […]

After Awhile

Now that all of us have been “in place” for this extended time, we have all been and have rubbed people the wrong way. An aunt of mine once said that “relatives who stay more than three days with you become like cheese —they stink!” While graphic as this adage may be, some or much […]