May I

Yesterday was a tale of two worlds — time in a high school with truly promising students and then watching the telecast from Washington D.C. Writing something inspirational and positive today strains me in so many ways. I’m quoting a leader from the past, Eusebius, who wrote and hoped the following: May I be no […]


As a very unique, seldomly used currently, richly nuanced word — character! Some people come to mind when he say or think “he or she is a character.” A grandson comes to mind — he embodies a complex of being brilliant, irksome, fun, and so much more. And leaders such as Ghandi, Mother Theresa, also […]

Both And And

Both and And A slightly tortured phrase expresses a life giving and life receiving experience of life. I am both a septuagenerian in chronological time who spends time with others, at home and outside the home, of that same decade, and a person younger in heart in emotional years who spends time with grand kids […]


Look at that candy bar and chips at the checkout line. And then stacks of chocolate and roses entice around Valentines day in the stacks of greeting cards. After we have looked at items on the Internet, and then, voila, ads pop up tempting us to buy, buy, buy. I am a “gadget guy” and […]


Steadfast We’re just a few days into the New Year/New Decade, and the made resolutions are … As a word ‘steadfast” describes a present state, and as an additional word “steadfastness” portrays a lifestyle. Steadfastness characterizes the lifestyle of a long-distance person who daily, weekly, monthly, and so on, keeps moving on. While the hare […]


Be Marveled While moving forward into this New Year and New Decade, let’s look around at the marvels in our world and life. A few days with a grandson both invigorated me and enlightened me to the marvels in each and every person, place, and element of life. The experiences ranged from making cinnamon rolls […]

Nunc Coepi

Nunc Coepi What Does Nunc Coepi Mean? The translation of Nunc Coepi is “now I begin.” These words are taken from Psalm 77:10 in the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible. Philip Rivers, football quarterback, has this printed on his apparel — sometimes a Nike shirt that read “Nunc Coepi.” Nunc Coepi is a […]