Resolutions “I will…” “I want to…” “I need to…” Resolutions We all have made then in the past and will make them for the coming year. These phrases emerges as resolutions for the coming year. So, what will I do in this coming year: emotional, spiritual, physical, and … goals? We all need to be […]

JAM today

Coming Up — Just Around The Corner I had three (3) celebrations with the family over the past few days. Now it can be affirmed “I have enough to eat… at least for a few days. Wrapped presents, small and large, brightly wrapped create a sense of something “coming up;” just “around the corner” as […]


The day after — the first day for… Hope Today I will share a piece from Dr. Jim Denison (www/ The power of hope  Gabriel Marcel noted that “hope is for the soul what breathing is for the living organism.” G. K. Chesterton added: “There is one thing which gives radiance to everything. It is […]

“Over the river and through the woods, to grandmother’s house we…” “On the road again…” Excerpts, such as the above, chronicle the journey that all of us make. The journey may be a physical one — getting to grandmother’s house, or a spiritual or psychological one on the path to… Someone. The fact and the […]

Good News

“Yes, this is Doctor .., the results of your test indicate that you do not have …” “Hi, this is Officer …, we have just located your missing child, and everything is fine.” A “secret Santa,” or, in my background “secret St. Nicholas, anonymously provides gifts for others. The phrase “good news” encapsulates two life-changing […]