I have been quiet since my shoulder replacement surgery on March 3rd, 2020. That period of time has generated and germinated many thoughts, feelings, reflections, and lessons learned. I wrote, actually scribbled, feelings and thoughts along the way. A few gems have emerged, such as “on the road to covering” along with the “rollercoaster of […]


Grief! Recently a parent whose son died unexpectedly, wrote “Finding a new life without you is the most difficult thing I’ve ever been through.” As I wrote yesterday, this type of unexpectedly, living afterwards challenges all that we believe. Later this same parent wrote, “Each day is a struggle, but I believe it’s the support […]

A Time

                                                   Hard To Hear and Write Yesterday at church a father spoke about the unexpected death of his 9 year old daughter, Grace. The death of any person touches many. The unexpected death penetrates the soul. The unexpected death of a nine year burns to the core of a parent! This event far out distances […]