Friday previously would typically mark the end of week in schools and workplaces. In schools where I would substitute teach, Friday offered many opportunities because staff longed for and arranged for three way weekends. In workplaces staff would countdown the time until… However in our current situation Friday has the sense of being “just another […]


Next week, next month, next year I would want to… Let’s complete that phrase. By this time let’s admit that we want, and even need to… Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, vacations, baseball games, barbecues — to mention just a few. Boundaries and borders now form these decisions, more than previously — six feet apart […]

Being Prepared

While getting the Walmart grocery order earlier today, Carol and I talked about getting various items which we would need in the coming days and weeks. We were “preparing.” In my youth the Boy Scouts prepared and trained us to be prepared, to be alert! In 1907, Baden-Powell, an English soldier, devised the Scout motto: Be […]